Safer, Smarter Schools

Professional Development Course Instructions

Follow the steps below to access the Lauren’s Kids 15-hour Safer, Smarter Schools Online Course for School Principals, Beginning Teachers or Trauma Informed Practices and receive a Certificate of Completion.

  1. Click the START button below to begin registration on the Flamingo Learning website. You must create an account to access the Safer, Smarter Schools and Trauma Informed Practices courses. When you click the button below, a new tab with the registration portal will open. Follow the directions below for help getting set up.


  2. Click the blue Create Account button.
  3. Follow the prompts to create password and profile.
  4. Click Start Using Flamingo to access the Course Catalog; note: your Safer, Smarter Schools and Trauma Informed Practices pre-authorized courses will be shown.
  5. Click the orange Register button under whichever course you wish to access:
    • Safer, Smarter Schools: Beginning Teacher
    • Safer, Smarter Schools: Principal
    • Trauma Informed Practices: K-2
    • Trauma Informed Practices: 3-5
    • Trauma Informed Practices: Middle School
    • Trauma Informed Practices: High School
  6. Confirm registration.
  7. Access the course by going to the Courses menu item and then clicking on the course title or by going to the Dashboard and clicking start course.
  8. To access your course anytime, log in here.

Need help? For technical assistance with the registration process above or at any time throughout these courses, please reach out to Flamingo Support:

[email protected]
Call or Text: (352) 559-8950
Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm